Beautiful Crafts For Your Children To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Mother and child make Valentine's Day crafts together.

Love is in the air, and there are far more types of love than just the romantic type. While you and your partner plan your Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to include some quality time with your kids. There are lots of ways you can get your kids involved on the day of love. You can bake something sweet together. Let them help you pick out a gift for Mom or Dad. Or, you can make a few V-day crafts. These simple craft ideas can be used as gifts, cards, or just an afternoon of having fun crafting.

Gift Ideas

  • Paper Plate Hearts –  Grab a hole puncher, some yarn, and a red or pink paper plate.  You and your little one will “sew” a heart into the center of the plate. When it’s finished, let them keep it or pick someone to give it to.
  • Love Monsters – Anything that involves googly eyes is bound to be adorable, and this little love monster doesn’t disappoint.  Tap the link to see the full instructions. Your kids will love it.
  • Clay Heart Pendants – No. You don’t need to go out and buy clay to make this gift. All you need is glue and cornflour, and your little one will have homemade clay to mold into a heart-shaped pendant.

Card Ideas

  • Confetti Hearts – Creating this fun card allows you and your little ones to have some fun with a heart-shaped hole puncher. Just grab some colorful paper, glue, and a plain card to get started.
  • Emoji Valentines -You’ll need a few different colors to craft these heart-shaped emojis, and once they’re done your kids will have adorable cards to give to their classmates.
  • Shaving Cream Heart Art – This one is more of an insert into a card. It could get a little messy, so gather up some foam shaving cream, watercolor paint,  paper, and skewers. Then head to a kitchen countertop or table for easy cleanup.

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Fun Crafts to Enjoy

  • Heart Paper Planes – This is a lovely twist on an old classic. All your need for this simple craft is some fun Valentine-themed paper.
  • Love Bugs – This requires construction paper, popsicles sticks, googly eyes, and an active imagination. You’ll help your kids craft heart-shaped wings to attach to the popsicle sticks forming a cute little love bug.
  • Paper Heart Wreath – If you have a mini stapler lying around, grab some ribbon and colorful cardstock to help your kids make this fun Valentine’s Day décor.

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