Celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day

A man spoiling his dog with a big hug

Humans and dogs have lived side by side for thousands of years and dogs have always been our loyal companions. They make us feel appreciated with their tail-wagging happiness whenever they see us. Although we pet them daily to show our appreciation, sometimes they deserve to get spoiled for all the love they give us. If you’re looking for an excuse to shower your dog with treats, toys, and fun, you should celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day this year.

What is National Spoil Your Dog Day?

National Spoil Your Dog Day is exactly what it sounds like — a day dedicated to giving your furry friend everything they could want. It’s a day for you to focus on the canine that is always there for you and never gets mad when you make them wear silly hats. The holiday falls on August 10th every year, so this Wednesday plans a day with your dog that’s filled with exciting fun that will make them feel loved.

How Do You Celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day?

Celebrating National Spoil Your Dog Day is very simple. Just give your pup the things they crave most – treats, toys, and time with their favorite human. Life can get pretty busy and you might not be spending as much time with your dog as you would like. On Wednesday, plan an extra hour or two to show your dog how much they mean to you. Read on for a few ideas.

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Ways To Spoil Your Dog

To spoil your dog you can plan a trip to a dog-friendly park like Heidi’s Pooch Park or the Myrtle Beach Barc Parc North. Make sure to bring along their favorite frisbee or a ball for a game of fetch. Another way to spend time with your dog is to take a trip to the beach and soak up the last few days of summer. You can also bake your dog a special homemade treat like these peanut butter dog treats. Finally, you can spoil your dog by taking them to your local pet store and helping them pick out a new toy.

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