Create the Perfect DIY Fall Centerpiece

Table scape for Thanksgiving day dinner. Table decoration for festive autumn family party. Rustic style.

While the turkey is a big part of Thanksgiving dinner, you still need a gorgeous centerpiece for your table. Looking for inspiration? This list from has 45 centerpiece ideas that range from floral arrangements, strategically placed harvest veggies, and colorful candlelit creations. There is bound to be something on this list that will match your Turkey Day table décor. Check out our top picks below.

Dark Blue and Earthy Tones

When you think of harvest season decorations warm colors like red usually come to mind, but warm colors aren’t the only way to go. You can pair dark blue with earthy tones like brown and orange to create a cozy, stylish centerpiece. Toss in faux greenery to add a touch of nature and your guest will be impressed.  Check out images and instructions here.

Dark Wooden Boat

If it turns out warm colors are more your tune, this wooden boat filled with fall foliage, small pumpkins, and glowing candles will be a hit with you and your family this Thanksgiving. You can follow the tutorial here to put it together.

Colorful Pumpkin Arrangement

Fall is filled with color. While the leaves are falling from the trees, there are plenty of vivid flowers blooming. Africa daisies, blanket flowers, and garden mums are just a few of the blossoms you can find in the fall. You can pair these bright colors with a faux pumpkin vase to create a dazzling centerpiece. Use this guide for inspiration.

Wooden Lettered Stair Candle Holder

The warm glow of candles illuminating your meal will definitely put your family in a festive you. The stair case design for this centerpiece created by Dream Book Design has a rustic vibe that we think is a great match for Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

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Fall Veggies Edible Centerpiece

This arrangement uses in-season veggies to create a gorgeous centerpiece filled with colors. You can use carrots, squash, pears, and anything else that you find at the farmer’s market or the produce section of your favorite grocery store. Scroll through these tips for balancing the colors to make your centerpiece truly remarkable.

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