Helpful Homework Tips For Every Parent With A Student

Mom helps her son with homework

School is back in session which means that teachers will soon be assigning homework and parents should prepare to be helpful study buddies. Homework is an important part of your child’s academic experience. It helps them to develop a strong sense of time management and accountability. Unfortunately, homework can also be a source of stress in your household. To help make homework a positive experience for teachers, students, and parents, try implementing a few of the homework tips and tricks below.

Create A Homework Station

Just like adults, kids are affected by their environment. To help your student stay focused and on task, create a space that is dedicated to their learning. Pick a spot in your home that is easy to declutter, then create an organized learning station. Remove as many distractions from the area as possible. For instance, if there is a television in their clear line of sight, make sure it is off during homework time. Your homework station should also be fully stocked with the supplies they need.

Schedule Homework Sessions

At the end of a long day in the classroom, your kids probably aren’t interested in more schoolwork. They’d rather watch their favorite cartoons or play games, but the hours directly after school are the best time to tackle homework assignments. Let your kids grab a snack then head to their homework station and get started. If you wait until closer to bedtime they’ll be tired and unfocused, so it’s best to handle homework first and let them enjoy their free time later.

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Teach, Don’t Tell

It might be easier and faster to give your children the answers to their homework but it’s counterproductive to learning. Plus, you’ll probably find yourself answering more and more questions as the school year progresses. Instead, when your child asks for your help, guide them through the problem without giving them the answer. This will teach them how to arrive at the answer to similar questions all on their own.

Apply these tips to help make homework a breeze and remember to reward small wins, progress, and effort.

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