Give Your Kids More To Celebrate This New Year’s Eve With These Crafts

Portrait of a mother and daughter holding New Year's sparklers at home

Celebrating the end of the year is important! Surviving another 365 days of good times, bad times, milestones, setbacks, and everything in between is a pretty big deal! Most New Year’s Eve activities are adults-only, but the little ones have something to celebrate too! Check out these New Year’s Eve Activities For Kids so the little ones can get in on the celebration too!

Toilet Paper Tube Confetti Poppers

There is some fun craft you can create out of toilet paper tubes for pretty much every occasion! All you need for this fun little craft is toilet paper tubes, some old party balloons, tape, and confetti! You can decorate your tubes with markers, crayons, and stickers of your choosing. You can also make your own confetti out of paper or dried leaves!

Sparkler Firework Craft

Sparklers are a dangerous fire hazard, especially in the hands of children! Don’t let your little ones feel left out when everyone else is ringing in the new year with a bang! Help them create these DIY sparklers with straws and aluminum foil or colored cellophane sheets! Cut the sheets into strips with scissors and tape them to the end of your straws to create a sparkler look!

Paper Plate Noise Maker

Shake things up this new year! Have your little ones decorate a paper plate with markers, crayons, paint, stickers, ribbons, and more! Place some dried beans or rice, pony beads, or coins onto the paper plate then fold it in half. Use flue, tape, or preferable a stapler to hold the two halves of the plate together and get to shaking!

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Memory Scavenger Hunt

This activity is perfect for kids who are a bit older! Create a scavenger hunt that will send your kids all around the house! Use photos and note cards describing different moments and memories that your kids can look back on. This is a fun way to bring in the new year by looking back on the old year!

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