Learn More About Toyota’s Military Rebate

The mid adult man holds a credit card as he and his soldier wife discuss home finances. Her smart phone has an app displayed on the screen.

The mid adult man holds a credit card as he and his soldier wife discuss home finances.  Her smart phone has an app displayed on the screen.

Choosing the right vehicle can be stressful. For example, shopping for a model is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. Thus, it is easy to feel some stress and anxiety about making a good decision. When you are searching for a Toyota to drive in Myrtle Beach, SC, there are ways you can save money. Toyota offers a military rebate to those who qualify. With this program, you can buy the right Toyota model for your needs and feel good about staying within your budget.

An Overview of the Rebate

Everyone knows that buying a car is one of the most significant purchases you will make. Finding any way to lower your purchase price is important. If you served or have served in the military, you could be in luck for saving on your next vehicle. For instance, the Toyota Military Rebate Program gives you up to $500 off your next purchase. Moreover, this rebate is available for those currently on active duty, those on inactive reserve, and those retired from service. Furthermore, these benefits apply to family members of those who serve or have served.

The Terms

Secondly, there are some important points to know about this program. The $500 rebate will apply as a down payment toward your purchase when you finance. It may also apply as a capitalized cost reduction on a lease. You must use this rebate when you sign the contract on your purchase or lease. There is a maximum contract term of 75 months when you use this rebate.

Alternatively, you can sign a 72-month contract for a special APR retail installment. For a lease contract, it’s 48 months when you apply the rebate. The rebate is available for new Toyota vehicles at Toyota dealerships in South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina.

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Important Points to Remember

Thirdly, be aware that you still must receive credit approval on a lease or purchase to apply the military rebate. You can use the rebate along with other Toyota specials that you find at the dealership. This can help you save even more when you are ready to get a new model. To use the military rebate, provide proof of your military status at the time of your purchase or lease. Honorably discharged military members and survivors of fallen military servicemen or women may be eligible too.

In conclusion, getting into the Toyota you want can be a little easier when you use the Military Rebate Program. Contact the sales team at Sparks Toyota in Myrtle Beach, SC, today to learn more about these benefits.

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