Mouth-Watering Hot Dog Toppings For The Summer

Hot dogs fully loaded with assorted toppings

Hot dogs are the food of summer, especially when you’re feeding kiddos! They’re inexpensive, which makes them the perfect food for filling up the tummies of a hungry crowd. Whether they’re fresh off your grill, bought in the drive-through, or you’re chowing down on one or two at a ball game, everyone loves hot dogs. Although, after time, the simple ketchup and mustard toppings become bland. If you’re planning to whip up some dogs on the grill, be sure to widen your horizons with a topping bar, including these hot dog-approved combinations.


Is Hawaii calling your name? Hawaiian is a popular pizza flavor, so why can’t it be a popular way to eat your hot dog too? While you’re grilling your hot dogs, throw some pineapple on the piping out grill grates while you’re at it. To dress your Hawaiian dog, add the grilled pineapple, red onions, and teriyaki sauce. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with the sauce. Enjoy!


Why pick between an Italian sandwich or hot dog when you can chow down on both? Before you go in for your first bite, dress your dog with all of the good Italian sandwich fixings, including bell peppers, onions, pepperoncini, and ketchup.

The Deli Dog

If you’re not afraid of sauerkraut, the Deli Dog combination is calling your taste bud’s name. First, you need to whip up a sauce you won’t be able to get enough of, including curry powder, Dijon mustard, and everything bagel seasoning. Go crazy with the sauerkraut and mustard sauce and watch this become your favorite way to enjoy a summer dog, anytime, anywhere.

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Chicago Dog

You don’t have to hop on a plane to Chicago to see what the hype is all about! This Chicago Dog will give you an authentic streets-of-Chicago kind of experience. Compliment your hot dog with pickled onions, diced tomatoes, yellow mustard, and yellow onion. It’s so good you’ll be licking your fingers and ready for another, so go ahead and fix your plate with two instead of one.

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