Protect Your Ride From Suns Rays With These Tips

2022 Toyota Tacoma

If you have owned your vehicle for long enough, you’ll more than likely have noticed signs of sun damage. These signs include cracks on the dashboard and seats, fading car paint, damage to your vehicle’s safety features, and damage to the tires, among others.

In a perfect world, you would have kept your vehicle in a garage or under a tree for as long as possible. However, because we are always on the move, finding the perfect spot to park your vehicle is quite difficult. Of course, that does not mean that you cannot take steps to mitigate the amount of sun that your car experiences.

That’s where we come in. We have several tips that you should follow to protect your ride from the two most harmful things that come from the sun: heat and UV rays.

Damages Caused By Sun Exposure

  • Fluids – Excessive heat will cause some fluids to evaporate.
  • Tires – UV rays will damage your tires. Be sure to protect them.
  • Car Paint – Will fade and oxidate over time.
  • Plastics – Plastic components are quite sensitive to UV rays and heat.
  • Headlights – The sun will cause your headlights to yellow.
  • Hoses – Heat will cause your hoses to become stiff and crack.
  • Leather – Black leather seats will crack if not protected.

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Tips to Protect Your Vehicle From the Sun And Heat

  • Regularly wash and clean your car – This helps get rid of dirt and dead bugs. These react to heat and cause your paint to fade.
  • Apply wax and sealant – These will not only give your car a good shine, but they will place a coat of protection over your paint.
  • Protect your headlights – Cloudy headlights are not only an eyesore, but they are a safety hazard, as well. You can apply a vinyl film, a clear coat, or a spray-on application.
  • Seal your tires – The sun will cause your tires to dry rot, which is why you should apply a car care dressing that protects them from aging.
  • Protect the interior – The sun will heat the interior of your car, which will cause the plastics and leather surfaces to fade and crack. Apply a cleaner and protectant that can be used to protect the dashboard, leather seats, vinyl, rubber, and other interior surfaces.

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