Discover What’s Below The Surface At Ripley’s Aquarium Of Myrtle Beach


Explore the underwater adventure that is Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach. There, you can see more than 10,000 exotic sea creatures with exhibits like Rio Amazon, Dangerous Reef, Friendship Flats, Planet Jellies, Rainbow Rock, and many more. The aquarium’s mission is to provide a world class aquatic facility that fosters environmental education, conservation, and research.

This underwater playground is the place to go if you want to witness stingrays and sea turtles swim above your head, or come face-to-face with thousands of entrancing creatures, from sharks, to jellyfish, and barracudas. Animal experts are located throughout to entertain and educate through hands-on experience, which include touch tanks, and more.

Penguin Playhouse

The Penguin Playhouse is a 5,500-square-foot addition that is the largest in Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach’s 20-year history. The new edition includes a brand-new Ocean Wonders gallery with eight new tanks. The penguin habitat has floor-to-ceiling viewing glass that is more than 50 feet long, along with a 360-degree crawl tunnel.

One of the main attractions is the Penguin Playhouse. The penguin encounter experience allows you to touch a penguin and learn from the aquarium’s staff about the African penguins. The experience lasts 30 minutes and costs $69.99 per person.

Dangerous Reef

This exhibit features a 750,000-gallon tank where you can ride a 330-foot glide path through the tunnel and come face-to-face with sharks, sawfish, and turtles, among others. Some of the other aquatic life include green moray eels, sand tiger sharks, tarpon, sandbar sharks, nurse sharks, and green sea turtles.

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Friendship Flats

This shallow lagoon experience allows you to touch rays as they swim by. Aquarium educators are on hand to assure the safety of both guests and rays. You can also partake in the stingray experience, which allows you to swim with the rays, including spotted eagle and cownose rays. Guided by an experienced Ripley’s diver, you will be able to meet the rays up close. You might even be able to kiss one.

The cost is $65 per person. All participants must be at least six years of age. Participants must bring their own swimsuit and towel.

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