Spring Checklist For Your Vehicle’s Maintenance

car maintenance and repair - mechanic writing checklist paper on clipboard

The spring season will be here before you know it. Many people are already making their lists for house spring cleaning. Make sure, however, that your vehicle is ready for the spring as well. Not sure what you need to take care of? Check these items in your vehicle to ensure that you are ready to drive on the roads of Myrtle Beach this season with confidence.

Windshield Wipers

It is not just April showers that you have to contend with. Spring can be a pretty rainy season, so you will want to have your windshield wipers in top shape. Your wiper blades probably took a beating from the frost and ice over the winter months, so you may want to consider replacing your wiper blades for the spring.

Vehicle Underbody

Ice, dirt, salt, and — in the case of Myrtle Beach residents — sand can collect on the underbody of your vehicle. Before the spring season begins, take time to spray off any debris. If you need to, make sure to attend to any rust that may have developed under the vehicle.


Your vehicle is made up of many parts, including several kinds of gaskets. One of these is the valve cover gasket. When you notice a leak in your engine or that the oil levels are low, it could be that you need to replace the valve cover gasket or that the valve bolts simply need to be tightened. Oil can sometimes also leak from the oil pan. If you are aware that this is happening, then you may first need to inspect that the drain plug is tight and that the oil filter is firmly in place. Should the leak continue, you may need to schedule service to have the oil pan gasket replaced. Another gasket found in your vehicle is the cylinder head gasket. If the gasket seal has been marred, then you may detect an oil or coolant leak or white smoke or water vapor flowing out of the exhaust.

Tires & Brakes

Spring is a great time to go for a drive, so make sure that your tires and brakes are working properly. The winter weather can take a toil on your brakes, so take notice when applying your brakes to hear if there are any squeaking or squealing sounds. While you are at it, schedule a time to have your tires rotated for the new season.

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You may spend all your time fixing things under the hood and on the exterior of the car, but take time to make the cabin spring ready as well. When it is bright and sunny, roll down your windows so that the fresh air can refresh your vehicle’s interior. This is also the perfect time to vacuum the floors, shake out and wash the floor mats, and wipe down all the interior surfaces with cleaning wipes, specifically made for cars.

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