Throw Your Graduate The Best Graduation Party

decoration of a party table for graduation

decoration of a party table for graduation

Graduation is a momentous occasion. Your child has accomplished something truly wonderful after years of hard work. Whether they are graduating from high school or college, you want to celebrate their achievements. What better way is there to celebrate this milestone than with a party with all of your child’s family member and friends. You can use these excellent graduation party ideas from By Sophia Lee for your graduate’s party.

Decoration Ideas

You are going to want to have some decorations for your party. You can have a graduation sign in the front lawn that lets the neighbors and passerbys know of your child’s accomplishment. It is also useful to help people know where the party is if they have never been to your house. Cap and gown décor is always cute for these parties, and you can get pretty clever incorporating caps, gowns, and diplomas everywhere. You can also use decorations that are the color of the university your student plans on attending or as graduated from. When graduates leave school, they often go on a big trip. You could also decorate with travel paraphernalia.

Have A Photo Backdrop

If there is no photo, then did it really happen? Of course, you are going to want to take pictures of this special event. Make it extra special by creating a backdrop. Your guests will love it, and it will encourage them to take plenty of photos, especially with the guest of honor.

There are a couple of ways that you can create a backdrop. You can use a simple sheet or a flag from the university your students plans on attend or graduating from. Your backdrop can also be made from balloons. Consider using mylar balloons that have the graduation year. You may also want to consider having fun photo props.

Display Photos of Your Grad

While people are taking photos with your grad, you also will want to have photos printed of your grad that are displayed at the party. Choose photos from each year of their life. These photos should mark memorable times and funny moments. There several cute ways that you can display these photos. You can have a pallet or peg board. You can also have some twine and clothes pins to hang up the older photos.

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Set Up a Unique Dessert Table

Your party needs to end on a sweet note. What better way to do that than with a dessert table. You can set up several unique dessert table ideas. If your child loves donuts, then there could be a table that displays the donuts creatively. The dessert table could have a variety of flavored cupcakes that are displayed in such a way that exhibits the graduation year. Of course, you could opt for a dessert that is a little more interactive, like s’mores. Have a table with all the necessary ingredients to make s’mores. Then you can let your guests take their time roasting their marshmallows and creating their s’mores.

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