Watch Out For These Fall Driving Hazards

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Cruising down the roads of Myrtle Beach in the middle of the fall can be a lot of fun. As you sit behind the steering wheel, take care to drive safely during the season. AARP has taken the time to alert drivers of hazards that can affect you while on the road during the fall.


Be aware of the time and place you are driving. You want to stay cautious as you drive through school zones during the morning and afternoon when children are going to and coming from school. This includes stopping when you see a school bus turn on its flashers to pick up or drop off kids.


Hello darkness, my old friend. Yes, as the days get cooler, they also get darker when Daylight Savings comes to an end. Be alert during the twilight hours as the dim lighting can impede color recognition, depth perception, and peripheral vision.


Just as many people enjoy the cooler weather, it seems that fall is the peak time for animals to come out and play. As you are on the road, be careful of animals such as deer, possums, and armadillos that could come out onto the middle of the road as you drive.


While many drivers opt to get on the road to view the leaves as they change color, foliage can also be a driving hazard. Piles of leaves can conceal the curb, pavement markings, and potholes, causing drivers to clip the curb, hit the pothole, or park outside the lines. Leaves can also become very slick when wet, so drive carefully over wet leaves.

Fog & Frost

Other potential visual hindrances during autumn include fog and frost. When you step outside and see frost on your windshield, be sure to thoroughly scrape the frost off and put on the defrost. If you happen to be driving on a foggy morning, then take it easy while you are on the road as well as have your lights on low-beam rather than regular.

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Schedule Automotive Maintenance at Sparks Toyota

Have fun driving this fall, but make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the road. This fall, schedule a maintenance check to see that everything is operating properly. If you live in Myrtle Beach, SC, then you should bring your vehicle to the service center at Sparks Toyota.

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