Which Is Right For You? Buying Vs. Leasing

Signing Contract for New Car

Signing Contract for New Car

When you choose Toyota, selecting the vehicle of your dreams is an easy task. Often, the more challenging part of car shopping is deciding whether you want to buy or lease the vehicle you have chosen. The truth is, you can’t go wrong, as there are benefits to both, but depending on your long-term goal for the vehicle, as well as your financial plans, there’s an option better fit for your lifestyle.

We took the time to compare and contrast buying versus leasing so you don’t have to, so sit back and relax while reading over the friendly advice from our auto experts. After, head over to Sparks Toyota to test drive the vehicles of your choice, and then, our team will walk you through the simple steps of buying or leasing so you can leave with the new Toyota today!

Why Buy

If you are shopping for the vehicle you want to drive for the next several years, with the goal of eventually no longer having a car payment, you will be satisfied with the option of buying. Not only do you obtain ownership of the vehicle, with no customization or mileage restrictions, but by making on-time monthly payments, you can build your credit score.

If you do decide you are ready to treat yourself to a new Toyota, all you have to do is head over to Sparks Toyota to value your trade, and you will receive cash to put towards your new ride. Enjoy the benefits of ownership with buying a new Toyota!

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Why Lease

If you have always longed to drive some of the newest models on the block, but the price tag is weary to your budget, leasing can make your vehicle dreams a reality. Leasing is like a long-term rental, as you are under an agreement for typically two to three years, and once your agreement is up, all you have to do is bring the vehicle back to our dealership, and pick out the new vehicle of your choice to lease.

When it comes to savings, if you like to drive a new vehicle every couple of years, and you don’t mind always having a car payment, you are sure to enjoy the lower interest rates that comes with leasing. Also, you don’t have to pay sales tax with a lease, as you are not buying the vehicle.

Buy or lease from your trusted Myrtle Beach Toyota dealership — Sparks Toyota!

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