How To Still Enjoy The Beach When The Temperature Drops

Parents With Children Having Fun On Winter Beach Together

Myrtle Beach is the place to be, 365 days of the year. Whether the July heat is in full force, or fall and winter approach with dropping temperatures, the sandy surface and salty air are a treat, no matter the time of year. Fall is underway, so be sure to read up on these ways to enjoy the sand, even during the color months.

Build a Sand Castle

It may be too chilly to take a swim, but it’s never too brisk to play in the sand. Pack up your sand toys and sandcastle gear, and design a sandcastle with the entire family. If you want to incorporate some friendly competition, spread everyone out, set a timer, and have them build their own masterpiece. May the best sand master win!

Find the Treasure

Did someone say treasure hunt? Pack your metal detector, and as soon as your feet hit the sand, it’s time to get to work. There is no telling the gems you will find, from jewelry to little pieces of history!

Enjoy a Warm Beverage

Take care of your shivers with a warm beverage and a blanket. Buy the ingredients for a hot chocolate bar on the beach. From marshmallows to cinnamon sticks, whipped cream, peppermints, sprinkles, and graham crackers, let your kids get a little crazy with their hot cocoa creations. This is far more cost-effective than taking everyone out for dessert.

Play With the Waves

Sometimes the best entertainment is the simplest! Dress your kids in their sweats, and let the waves “chase” them. They will have a blast running from the current, ensuring the cool water doesn’t touch their little feet.

Look for the Animals

Beach animals are here to stay! Look for the seagulls or other birds on land, and set your eyes on the ocean to catch a glimpse of a dolphin or other sea life.

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Relax in the Hot Tub

There’s nothing greater than relaxing in the hot tub or heated pool during the cool months. It’s like taking an outdoor bath, so don’t forget your swimsuit for your fall or winter beach trip!

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