Everything You Need To Know About Oil Changes

Yes, oil changes are a necessity. Engine oil ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly, while proper maintenance allows your vehicle to function at its best and allows you to avoid costly repairs.

Why are oil changes necessary? They are vital to improve engine performance, reduce harmful emissions, extend engine life, improve gas mileage, and also provide you with an opportunity to catch any other issues that have gone unnoticed. Engine oil is utilized to lubricate the moving parts of your vehicle. The oil is needed to ensure that the components that are in motion run smoothly and do not grind together. Skipping oil changes can have dire consequences for your vehicle, which could very well set you back financially.


The biggest benefit of an oil change is simple: it allows your vehicle to function at its best. Clean oil ensures that all the components within the engine work as intended. Failing to get new oil will drastically hamper your vehicle’s ability to work properly. Not only will your vehicle suffer, but you as a driver will begin to notice the effects of bad oil, which can include disconcerting noises and diminishing performance. Long-term benefits include a longer lifespan for your vehicle, which will be advantageous should you attempt to sell it our trade it in down the road. A dealership or a smart buyer will insist on a mechanic’s inspection before purchase.

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The consequences of not getting an oil change can be quite severe, to the point of your vehicle becoming inoperable. Engine oil breaks down over time and becomes a thick, goo-like substance. Without oil to lubricate the various parts, heat will begin to build up in the engine, and the parts that move will start to damage each other. Over time, your engine will begin to seize up and break down.

If you vehicle needs an oil change, feel free to take it into our state-of-the-art service center at Sparks Toyota. Our service technicians are trained with the most up-to-date methods and techniques to ensure that you vehicle is returned to you better than it arrived.

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