Mentally Challenging Games To Play With Your Pup Today

Dog Playing Fetch

You’ve heard people refer to dogs as “man’s best friend.” This isn’t an exaggeration. A pet dog can be a loyal companion through thick and thin. Regardless of the breed, you own and your own background, a four-legged furry friend can lift your spirits when you’re feeling blue and be there to celebrate your triumphs with you. Your pet dog has become part of the family and should be treated as such. Just like kids, your dogs need time to play. You can find some fun and healthy games that both of you will enjoy.


This is a timeless classic that will never get old for your dog. You don’t need much to play this game either. For example, a little space outdoors and a stick will do just fine. Any object works as well — some dogs like balls, chew toys, discs, and just about anything.

Dogs have a natural instinct to chase things that you throw. Plus, this is good exercise for your pet. Using a disc such as a Frisbee is a good option. Not only can your dog chase it and bring it back, but see if she can catch it before it hits the ground.

Tug of War

You’ve most likely played this with friends or family members when you were growing up. Dogs love it too. Furthermore, this is a good strength-building exercise for your pup.

Grab a rope a few feet long. Hold one end tightly, and let your dog hold the other end in her mouth. See who can pull it out of the other’s grip first. You can play it outside or inside. It’s also a good chance to practice your commands with your dog. For instance, calling “drop” can teach your pup to let go of the rope when you want her to.

Hide and Seek the Treat

Not all games with your dog have a physically demanding element. Fetch and tug of war can challenge your dog’s brain. But hide and seek the treat can enhance your pet’s problem-solving skills. It’s simple. Firstly, show your dog her favorite treat. Then, hide the treat while your pup isn’t looking. Rub the treat in a few spots along the way so she can get the scent. As your dog looks for the treat, use “hot” and “cold,” using different tones to indicate when your pet is getting close.

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Chase the Prey

You can increase your dog’s hunting instincts with this game. Grab a pole or stick and tie a rope to the end. Secondly, attach a toy or a lure of some kind to the rope. Slowly drag the pole and then stop and wave it around on occasion. Moreover, let your dog catch the lure from time to time.

For brain-building and good exercise, try these games out with your dog. Both of you can have fun and build your relationship.

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