Time To Make Your Fall Bucket List

father and son carving a jack-o-lantern in the fall

Fall might be the most underrated season of all. It’s overshadowed by the back-to-school rush and the impending holiday season. Although we love Christmas and new years, it’s only September and you can already see Christmas-themed items popping up in supermarkets. We want you to get the most out of this fall, so we found a list of amazing fall activities to do with your family.

Outdoor Fun

One of the great things about fall is the weather. It isn’t too hot or too cold, and there aren’t as many allergens floating through the air as there are during the spring. That means that it’s a great time to head outdoors. You and your family can enjoy the cool weather and take in the beautiful colors of the leaves changing. Here are a few outdoor activities to cross off your list this fall.

  • Go apple picking
  • Take a hike
  • Have an autumn picnic
  • Take a hayride
  • Visit a sunflower field

Halloween Themed Activities

Some people call it fall, other people call it autumn, but all the kids know the season’s true name is “The Spooky Season”. For kids, the most exciting thing about fall is Halloween and everything that surrounds it. As soon as the weather turns cool, kids are happy to start planning their Halloween costumes and plotting the best trick-or-treat route.  Besides watching spooky movies here are a few fun Halloween activities to do with your kids.

  • Go on a haunted tour
  • Decorate your house and yard
  • Host a Halloween party
  • Take a walk in an old cemetery
  • Go trick-or-treating

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Fun Fall Crafts

There are two major Holidays in the fall and they both beg you to complete a myriad of arts and crafts. Hand turkeys, scary decorations, and more are waiting on you and your little ones to create. Head to your nearest craft store and grab supplies for these fun fall crafts.

  • Visit a pumpkin patch, then carve a jack-o-lantern
  • Make a scarecrow
  • Preserve colorful leaves in wax
  • Make a leaf garland
  • Create an autumn nature collage

You can also decorate your car for Halloween. If you don’t have a set of wheels yet, add visiting Sparks Toyota to your bucket list.

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