Make Your Car Smell As Good As New

air freshener

We all love the way a car smells those first few months of ownership. But, unfortunately, that new car smell doesn’t always last. You might not be able to regain that exact scent the car came with, but there are a few DIY tricks you can try using things you already have around your house.

Clothespin Vent Clip

Essential oils are an easy way to freshen up your car. And the air conditioning is the perfect tool to power them. Simply glue a few cotton balls or pom-poms to a clothespin. Dot them with a few drops of essential oil. Clip the clothespin to your air vent, and crank up the fan. The air conditioning will circulate the scent throughout your vehicle.

Mason Jar Air Freshener

The beauty of this idea is that the Mason jar will fit conveniently in your cup holder, without having to clip anything to your air vent. Simply fill a jar halfway full with laundry scent booster beads. Cover the top with mesh or cheesecloth. Screw on the outer ring of the lid only, and the scent from the beads will waft for weeks. (Tip: If you don’t want the jar visible or your cup holder occupied, tie the beads up in the cheesecloth like a sachet.)

Decorative Tree Branch

If you don’t like the look of those cheesy air fresheners hanging from your rear-view mirror, there’s a better solution. Drill a hole in a small slice of tree branch. Rub it with essential oils. Tie a cord through it, and hang it from your mirror. This option is both fragrant and decorative.

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Fabric Refresher Spritz

You can create your own fabric refresher with just a few common ingredients. Add a small amount of liquid fabric softener and baking soda to a spray bottle. Fill it with warm water, and shake to mix up the ingredients. You’ll have a fresh-smelling fabric refresher that you can use on indoor fabrics as well as in your car.

Try some of these easy DIY tricks, and your car will be smelling [almost] as good as new.

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