At-Home Summer Activities For Everyone

Boy with stuck out tongue in water gun fight game

Keeping you and your kids entertained all summer long, does not have to involve multiple outings and road trips. There are tons of activities you can do in the comfortable, air-conditioned setting of your home. And there are even more things you can do in your backyard. Dive in and take a peek at this list of fun family activities for summer at home created by the team at Go Valley Kids.

Virtual Fun

Virtual activities are an easy way to provide exciting and educational experiences for kids. One engaging option is to create a virtual field trip. There are several online parks, science centers, and more that publish online content that can help your kids imagine they are on a field trip. From touring famous landmarks to delving into wildlife sanctuaries, these immersive adventures spark curiosity and expand their horizons. Check out this list for a few creative and fun virtual field trip ideas.

Another captivating virtual activity is taking museum tours online. Children can discover captivating exhibits, learn about history, and engage with art and artifacts from renowned museums worldwide. It is a great way to foster a love for learning and encourage creativity.

Online reading challenges can be a fantastic way to inspire a passion for books and boost literacy skills. Virtual libraries, book clubs, and interactive reading programs provide access to a wide range of age-appropriate content, enabling children to explore different interesting genres and authors while tracking their progress and earning rewards.

Crafting Fun

You do not have to get online to have fun. If you are looking for some fun ways to stay unplugged and still have a ball with your little ones, arts and crafts are the way to go. One thing you can do is paint and hide kindness rocks throughout your house. Children can decorate rocks with vibrant colors and uplifting messages, then hide them around the house for family members to discover, bringing smiles and warm moments.

Creating Sharpie tie-dye shirts is another exciting project to do with your children. Kids can use Sharpie markers to make unique patterns on plain white shirts, then spritz them with rubbing alcohol to create a tie-dye effect. It is a fun and mess-free alternative to traditional tie-dye techniques.

Starting a scrapbook can be a wonderful way for children to preserve memories. They can collect mementos, such as photos, ticket stubs, and drawings, and arrange them creatively in a scrapbook. This activity encourages storytelling and allows kids to reflect on cherished moments.

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Backyard Fun

During the summer, the backyard can transform into a hub of excitement and imagination for kids. A classic backyard water gun fight is a fantastic way to beat the heat. Armed with water guns, children can engage in friendly battles, dashing through sprinklers, and laughing as they stay cool.

Backyard camping is another thrilling activity. Setting up tents, roasting marshmallows over a fire pit, and telling stories under the stars create a memorable experience while being just steps away from home comforts.

Planting a fairy garden can ignite a child’s wonderful imagination. They can create a magical miniature world by selecting and arranging small plants, adding whimsical decorations, and imagining fairies frolicking among the flowers.

These backyard adventures provide opportunities for kids to bond with friends and family, stay active, and embrace the wonders of nature right in their own outdoor haven.

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