Basic Car Maintenance For Your Toyota

man checking tire pressure at gas station

man checking tire pressure at gas station

You finally treated yourself to the new Toyota you have always dreamt of driving, and now, it’s time to learn how to take care of it. Follow these basic car maintenance tips to ensure you get every mile out of your Toyota.

Never Skip Maintenance

Little issues can turn into big issues if they are not cared for. Read over your owner’s manual crafted by Toyota professionals to ensure you are staying up to date with your maintenance schedule. This includes oil changes, replacing parts, and having your tires checked. Whenever you are in need of trusted automotive service, schedule a service today with Sparks Toyota.

Never Underestimate an Oil Change

Perhaps it’s time for an oil change, and you’re thinking, what’s the rush? If you don’t do so, you are putting your engine at risk, which is sure to put a dent in your wallet. Avoid costly and timely repairs on your engine with an oil change. Over time, grime, dirt, and debris will invade your oil, making your engine work harder. You can even perform an oil change yourself!

Use the Correct Gasoline

It’s time to fill up once again! Are you using the correct octane rating? After all, why pay for a higher grade of gas if your vehicle does not need it? Toyota has designed your engine to use certain gasoline, so if you want your vehicle to perform at its best, you have to gas it with the correct fuel.

Tire Care

Not only does having the correct tire pressure level keep you safe out on the road, but it also improves fuel efficiency. Who doesn’t want that? Also, keep watch on the tread. Keep your tires rotated to ensure your tires wear evenly.

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Now the Warning Signs

We have said it, and we will say it again – read your owner’s manual. When a light pops on, don’t take it as a suggestion. Take care of the issue immediately. Learn what each warning light means so you can be prepared.

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