Make Use Of Your Backyard BBQ Leftovers

4th of july feast

Hosting a crowd this summer? Whether your family likes to pick up BBQ, or you go all out with meat and veggies on the grill and casseroles in the oven, when you are feeding a crowd, you tend to overshoot how much food you actually need for the occasion. Instead of planning an entirely new menu to serve the family for the rest of the week, save money and time with these recipes that will help you use of the rest of your grilled leftovers!


If you have some hamburger buns and grilled veggies leftover from yesterday, chop them up to whip up a batch of Panzanella. And if your bread is a little stale, fear not. You want the mini pieces of bread to be hardened so they taste like a crunchy crouton. Panzanella is all about using what you have, so if there are tomatoes and onions sitting in your fridge, throw together an Italian Panzanella. Or if your fruit is a bit too ripened, it’s perfect for a summery Panzanella dish.


The best way to eat corn is when it’s fresh off the grill. And if you have some leftover, you’ll want to cut them off the cob to make corn cakes. Pair it with some grilled meat for a simple, balanced lunch or dinner.

Chicken Salad

If you grilled chicken for your Fourth of July feast, shred it up to make some chicken salad. You can keep the ingredients simple with just celery and mayonnaise or enhance the flavor with honey, grapes, and nuts.

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Tomorrow is Taco Tuesday

Fourth of July is a meat-lover’s dream. If you grilled some shrimp, put it on some tacos and top them with lettuce, cheese, and salsa. Or if you have plenty of BBQ to spare, make some pork nachos.

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