Be Your Own Barista For National Coffee Day

mocha coffee topped with swirls of chocolate and cream.

Did you know that National Coffee Day is on September 29? If you’d like to celebrate with something different, skip the usual morning brew and try one of these delicious coffee recipes.

Classic Mocha

This chocolate treat is a coffeehouse classic, and it’s easy to make in your own kitchen. If you want to master the mocha, you’ll need your preferred coffee, whole milk, heavy cream, cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla extract, plus whipped cream and chocolate shavings for garnish. The coffee, dairy, and flavorings must all go in a tight-sealing jar for a good shake, as that agitation will give the drink its signature froth. When the lid goes onto the jar, you might also want to put a towel over it to prevent any possible splash, and remember that the glass will also heat up with the coffee inside.


The defining characteristic of this sweet and strong coffee is the creamy layer on top – it’s made from sugar, not milk. The classic Cafecito, or Cuban coffee, is made with bold espresso, and many aficionados make it at home with a moka pot. To create that foam, or espuma, the trick is to aggressively whisk the sugar with a little bit of hot coffee until you form a paste, then pour the rest of your coffee over the mix. Tradition holds that the foam should be made with the first few drops to percolate up the spout, but you’re free to wait until the coffee is finished brewing.

Café con Leche

In cafes across Spain, you’re likely to find coffee served in one of two ways – espresso or espresso with milk. The second, called café con leche, varies from other creamy coffees thanks to its steamed milk instead of foamed milk, and you can heat up the milk for this drink in a saucepan. Just heat it until it starts steaming and lightly bubbling. You don’t need to let it boil. Add the hot milk to your coffee, then stir in sugar if you like it sweet.


Two Italian favorites come together in a glass to make this espresso and gelato treat, and you can substitute those ingredients with homebrewed coffee and ice cream in a pinch. To keep the ice cream from melting, serve the scoop in a cold glass. Next, pour the coffee directly over the ice cream, going slow so that you don’t fill the cold cup with hot liquid too quickly.

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