Celebrate Easter In Style With These DIY Decorations

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Get in the Spring spirit with these creative and adorable DIY decorations! Don’t hold back, just because it’s not Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t decorate to the nines. Let the perfect weather put a spring in your step and get to crafting some DIY Easter decorations that will leave your friends and family impressed. Check out these DIY decorations ideas and you’re sure to find something for every room in your house.

Try These Easter DIY Decorations

Floral Bunny Garland. If you’re looking for a fun and easy craft that you use to decorate your kids room or to hang on the wall for a party, then this floral bunny garland is exactly what you’re looking for. All you need it paper, silk flower buds, string, hot glue, and scissors and you can make the cutest garland.

Tulip Wreath. This tulip wreath is great to have up all season long. You make this DIY craft with a foam wreath, ribbon, hot glue, and silk tulips. You’ll be turning heads when you hang your wreath.

Wood Bead Easter Bunnies. These wooden Easter bunnies are super easy to make. Head to your craft story and grab some wooden ball knobs, wooden bow ties, wooden ring, and hot glue and you have the perfect napkin holder.

Tiered Easter Tray. Take the tiered tray out of storage and transform it into the most adorable Easter centerpiece. You can take your Easter trinkets and decorate each layer to display for you Easter dinner.

Bunny Butt Sign. Cut out the shape of a bunny’s tail and feet and glue it to a piece of wood for a great shelf decoration. You can paint a cute Spring quote on the opposite side of the wood sign for a decoration you can keep up throughout the season.

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Start Crafting Today!

There is a Easter decoration for every room with crafts like wreaths, garland and centerpieces. Your house will look like the Easter bunny lives there full time, so start planning today and enjoy this spring season in style.

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