DIY Mother’s Day Gifts For The Kids

Little girl gives homemade card to her mom in front yard of family home.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. Dads, you know that if you have little ones, it’s especially your job to make sure the kiddos have something sweet to gift their mother. We are only a few weeks away from Sunday, May 8, so start dabbling in these DIY Mother’s Day gifts now!

Crayon Candle

It’s no secret that kids love crayons. If you want mom to think of your little guy or girl every time they walk into the room, use their old crayons to create a Crayon Candle. Make sure you have wicks, wax, containers, and of course, old crayons on hand. It is preferred to use about 3-4 different crayons for a nice variance in colors.

Spring Cupcake Flowers

What mom doesn’t like flowers? There’s something about blooms that always steal her heart away, but the sad thing is, flowers are a gift that won’t last forever. Instead of buying a fresh dozen at the store, have the kiddos make mom these Spring Cupcake Flowers she can cherish for years to come. To make this gift come to life, all you need are some colorful cupcake liners, pipe cleaners, scissors, and a pen. By helping your toddler, you can make this gift bloom!

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Heart Thumbprint Platter

Do you have several kids running around? Instead of having each child make their own craft, come together to make a precious Heart Thumbprint Platter for mom. Fair warning: this one might bring tears to her eyes! Grab a white platter of your choice at the store, and have each kid make their thumbprint with glass paint. Add their name under the thumbprint. It won’t be long before this is mom’s favorite dish to use around the kitchen!

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