Let The Family Cool Off At WonderWorks

hand touches plasma ball in dark room
School might be out for the summer, but the kids can still learn a lot this season while having fun in the process, so bring them all to WonderWorks at Broadway at the Beach!

Space Discovery

In the Space Discovery Zone, visitors can leave the Earth behind to see what it’s like to be an astronaut out in orbit. A wearable space suite replica grants an inside look at the gear that keeps space explorers safe when the leave the comfort of their vessels behind to float among the stars during their spacewalks. Next is the whirling, turning gyroscope, a spinning contraception that simulates the weightlessness of space–and it’s a two-seater. A replica space capsule also shows just how confined the original Project Mercury capsules were when NASA experimented with single-crew-member expeditions.

The Imagination Lab

Kids can explore their creative sides through hands-on exhibits in the Imagination Lab.  In the sandbox, the contours and impressions you make in the sand interact with computer-generated augmented reality, and with the motion of your hand, you can create bodies of water, mountains, fields, and more. A giant Lite-Brite wall presents a blank canvas for illuminated art, while the Gear Works exhibit shows visitors how simple machines work.

Soar and Explore

WonderWorks now offers more than the exciting edutainment inside its whimsical walls, and you can step outside for some open-air adventures. Right next to WonderWorks, you’ll find several more thrilling attractions like the ropes course, an explorable structure rising 40 feet into the air. The elevated obstacle course features more than 30 unique challenges, and you can tackle the climb solo or with a team. There’s also a zipline that takes guests 1,000 feet across the water.

Make Your Plans

You’ll find WonderWorks at Broadway at the Beach, located at 1313 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577. The indoor exhibits open at 9 a.m. each day, while the Soar and Explore attractions open at noon. WonderWorks also hosts Sensory Days to offer fun, entertaining experiences for everyone.

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