Grab Breakfast At Hotstacks Cafe


Are you a breakfast fan? In particular, are you a fan of pancakes? Or waffles? Or French toast? Or eggs? Frankly, you just can’t go wrong when you grab breakfast at Hostacks Cafe. They have an extensive menu of all your favorites and they know how to do them up right. Here are a few examples of items you can find on the menu.

Pancakes And More

Obviously this is one of the first sections of the menu you might turn to when dining at a place called Hotstacks. In addition to traditional pancakes, you can also get gluten free pancakes and cinnamon roll pancakes. There there’s French toast, crepes, vegan waffles, Belgian waffles, chicken & waffles, and much more.

Omelettes Or Scramblettes

The name probably tells you everything you need to know, but it never hurts to run down a few of your options. They have the plain, cheese, bacon, ham, sausage, garden, western, Florentine, Acapulco, Avocado Arugula, Santa Fe, and Caveman, among other choices.


Look on the features section of the menu and you’ll find items such as the breakfast quesadilla, trash-hash bowl, just ranchero, garden crepe, cowboy scramble bowl, avocado toast, just egg roll, and other items.

Breakfast Sandwiches

There are a variety of sandwiches you can choose such as Shamrock, San Antonio, tofu burrito, southwestern tacos, breakfast club, BLT, and an egg & cheese sandwich.

American Breakfast

Looking to building your own? Pick a protein, the number of eggs you want, then two of the following; grits, home fries, hash browns, black beans, fruit, tomato slices, biscuit, avocado, cottage cheese, toast, grilled blueberry muffin, English muffin, bagel, yogurt, pancake, French toast, biscuit and gray, and trash grits.

Kids Menu

They have several items available for kids, including an egg, silver dollar pancakes, chocolate chip silver dollar pancakes, chicken fingers, and grilled cheese.

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Want to come back for lunch? Try the chipotle chicken club sandwich, club sandwich, chicken finger sandwich, spicy tacos, chicken quesadilla, turkey dill wrap, or one of their burgers.

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