Plan Your Next Vacation At Myrtle Beach, SC

Happy family running on the beach

Looking for a quick getaway before the temperature drops and the fall season approaches? What better way to treat yourself for the week or just the weekend than planning a vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? Find out why families from all over are packing their bags and heading to this worry-free oasis for their long-awaited vacations.

Flying is Quick and Simple

Whether you are within driving distance or you choose to fly, traveling to this sweet escape is a breeze. Many airlines offer non-stop flights, which means you’ll have more time to put your toes in the sand, rather than sitting on the plane and running to connections with your kids.

Incredible Accommodations

From condos to homes, there are endless spots to park your car and rest your head for the week. Check out the various lodging options, and start your itinerary today.

Safe for the Kids

When traveling to a new destination, every parent suffers through the anxiety of their children getting lost. Constantly on edge, hoping they run they don’t run off is no way to spend a well-earned vacation. With the help of Project Lifesaver, you can get a trackable wristband for your child to wear during your stay at Myrtle Beach. Grab these game-changing gadgets at the Myrtle Beach Welcome Center so you can have no worries during your stay.

Southern Hospitality at its Finest

Maybe you have lived in the south your entire life, or Myrtle Beach will be your first visit, either way, everyone knows it’s a special place. Everywhere you go, whether it’s the beach, a restaurant, or a museum, you will be greeted and cared for with kindness. Kids are welcomed and encouraged at Myrtle Beach.

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