Tips To Make Your Floral Arrangements Pop

woman preparing flower arrangements

If you’re planning an event such as a dinner, social mixer, luncheon, or shower, learn to make gorgeous, floral centerpieces. These tips from pro designer Ron Wendt can help you create beautiful floral arrangements that pop.

Tip #1: Get to Know Each Type of Flower

There are four different types of flowers, and according to Wendt, a good floral arrangement includes all four. The focal flowers are the bright, colorful flowers that should draw your eyes in an arrangement. Examples of focal flowers are tulips,  lilies, roses, dahlias, or peonies. The second type of flower is filler flowers, which fill in the gaps in the arrangement. Filler flowers round out the arrangement and include flowers like Baby’s Breath, Bells of Ireland, Dusty Miller, and Delphinium. The third flower type is line flowers like cattail and pussy willow. These flowers are what shape the arrangement. Finally, foliage such as leatherleaf fern creates a backdrop for the other flowers to shine.

Tip #2: Get Inspired by Nature

For a gorgeous arrangement, you’ll want to pick one to two of each type of flower. Not sure which flowers will look good together? Match flowers by the time of year they bloom and the colors in their blossom.  If you see flowers growing together naturally, they’ll usually look splendid in an arrangement.

Tip #3: Get the Right Vase

Make sure you pick the right vase. You’ll want one that has a narrow neck but a wide base. This will allow you to arrange your flowers at different angles but also group them together. Rustic vases, bouquet vases, cube vases, and bud vases are all great options.

Tip #4: Don’t Use Scissors

Avoid using everyday scissors. Use a knife or shears to cut your flowers at an angle. Otherwise, the large, blunter blades of normal scissors will crush the stems of your flowers.

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Tip #5: Arrange From Largest to Smallest

To create your centerpiece, form the shape of the arrangement by placing the large, focal flowers into the vase first. Next, fill in the space with your foliage. Then, add your filler flowers. And finally, add in your line flowers for a gorgeous floral arrangement.

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