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Cleaning Tips To Have Your Car’s Interior Looking Like New

Cleaning leather car seat and upholstery with brush.
When passengers climb into your car, do you have to move junk out of the way so that they have a place to sit? Have crumbs accumulated like an overnight snowfall? Maybe it’s time to clean the inside of your car, so follow these tips to spruce up your cabin. Supplies Before... [read more]

Road Trip Readiness Checklist For Your Vehicle

Human hand is checking oil status with dipstick
Taking a trip this summer. Before you load up your luggage and dole out your travel snacks, there are a few car maintenance tasks that you should complete. Just a few quick tasks can keep you from spending part of your vacation stranded on the side of the road. So,... [read more]

Check Out The Fuel-Efficient 2023 Toyota Corolla

2023 Toyota Corolla
Are you looking for a smooth-driving sedan? Then, check out the 2023 Toyota Corolla; you'll get a mix of fuel efficiency, comfort, and user-friendly features. This compact sedan is packed with many standard features and an easy-to-use infotainment system. It's been a top choice for families for its combination of... [read more]

How Does Pollen Affect Your Vehicle?

Pollen on car
It's that time of year when the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the pollen is falling. You may have everything you need to protect yourself from those dreaded seasonal allergies, but what you may not know is that pollen actually affects your vehicle as well, according to... [read more]

Spring Checklist For Your Vehicle’s Maintenance

car maintenance and repair - mechanic writing checklist paper on clipboard
The spring season will be here before you know it. Many people are already making their lists for house spring cleaning. Make sure, however, that your vehicle is ready for the spring as well. Not sure what you need to take care of? Check these items in your vehicle to... [read more]

Learn More About Toyota’s Military Rebate

The mid adult man holds a credit card as he and his soldier wife discuss home finances. Her smart phone has an app displayed on the screen.
Choosing the right vehicle can be stressful. For example, shopping for a model is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. Thus, it is easy to feel some stress and anxiety about making a good decision. When you are searching for a Toyota to drive in Myrtle Beach,... [read more]

Power Up In The New 2023 RAV4

2023 RAV4
Everyone is making resolutions for the new year. Some goals are for a personal new style, while others have focused on renovations for their home. If you have a resolution to turn heads on the roads of Myrtle Beach in a vehicle that offers versatility and power behind the wheel,... [read more]

The New 2023 GR Corolla Is Here To Impress

GR Corolla
This is not your run-of-the-mill gas-sipping Toyota Corolla. No doubt about it, the 2023 GR Corolla -- supertuned by Toyota's performance division, Gazoo Racing -- puts a whole new spin on your favorite economical compact car. For Driving Enthusiasts The GR Corolla's 1.6-liter, three-cylinder engine emits 300 horsepower, and only comes with... [read more]

Explore What the New 2023 bZ4X Has in Store

bZ4X parked in front of business office
The 2023 lineup of Toyota vehicles welcomes a brand new set of wheels with exciting capabilities and a sleek and sporty design. The 2023 Toyota bZ4X is a fully electric SUV with a whole lot of pizzazz and a ton of features. Check out everything it has to offer below. Dynamic... [read more]

Watch Out For These Fall Driving Hazards

Photo of a young smiling woman driving a car. Her dog is sitting on a passenger seat
  Cruising down the roads of Myrtle Beach in the middle of the fall can be a lot of fun. As you sit behind the steering wheel, take care to drive safely during the season. AARP has taken the time to alert drivers of hazards that can affect you while on... [read more]