10 Simple Steps To Clean Your Vehicle’s Interior

cropped view of car cleaner vacuuming drivers seat in car

Clean cars not only look good, but they also make you feel good. By following these 10 simple steps, you can keep your vehicle looking showroom-ready at all times.

1.      Remove the trash

Before you vacuum, clear out all the trash. You’ll find it in hard-to-reach places like in between seats and in crevices.

2.      Floor mats should be removed and cleaned

Take the floor mats out of your vehicle and shake them out as best you can. Scrub with soap and hot water or with a foaming carpet cleaner, and allow them to air dry completely before reinstalling.

3.      Vacuum interior seats and flooring

Then vacuum your car from front to back, under the pedals, and along the door panels. If necessary, vacuum the trunk too.

4.      Remove Grime and Dust

Spritz some car-specific cleaner over the console, steering wheel, and the area between the seats as well. Then, remove all the grime, grease, and dust with a cloth or cleaning wipes.

5.      Cup holders need to be cleaned

Your car cup holders can get really nasty. Make sure you clean them properly with a cotton swab dipped in water. If your cup holder is removable for easier cleaning, take it out and give it a good scrubbing.

6.      Cleaning the Interior Windows

You can use a store-bought solution to spray and wipe or mix your own homemade window cleaner. Simply mix one cup of water, two tablespoons of vinegar, and one cup of rubbing alcohol for a highly effective homemade window cleaner.

7.      Get Stains Out

You can’t avoid stains in your car, but you can make them easier to clean with this DIY solution. In a spray bottle, combine two cups of water, one cup of vinegar, and a tablespoon of dish soap. Apply to the stain and allow it to sit for fifteen minutes.

8.      Pet hair removal

Use a rubber-dipped glove and brush it across the area where the animal hair resides. It sticks like magic, and it’s simple to use.

9.      Enter cracks and crevices

Next time you’re at the hardware store, grab a paint stirrer. You can wrap the end of the stick with a microfiber cloth and use it to reach areas between seats, in the center console, and hard-to-reach areas.

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10. Make Your Own Car Freshener

You will need one cup of baking soda and five drops of your favorite essential oil to prepare this mixture. Seal it in a plastic bag or glass jar for 24 hours, then shake it up and sprinkle it on your car’s floor! Vacuum it after the 20 minutes has passed for a fresh-smelling deodorizer.

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