Start Your Holiday Season Off Right At The Holiday Market

Couple at a holiday market
One of the most fun things to do during the holidays is take a walk with someone special. Visit the Waccamaw Markets this holiday season for shopping, people-watching, and a unique local atmosphere. There are three market locations to choose from this holiday season: Surfside Beach: Tuesdays, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.... [read more]

Celebrate Christmas At The Beach

An illuminated and decorated Christmas tree stands in the sand on a beach at sunset.
You wouldn't think there'd be a lot to do at the beach during the last days of fall or the first few days of winter, right? But that's where you're wrong. Myrtle Beach has a ton of holiday fun poppin' on the beach. Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland at The Beach is open... [read more]

Explore What the New 2023 bZ4X Has in Store

bZ4X parked in front of business office
The 2023 lineup of Toyota vehicles welcomes a brand new set of wheels with exciting capabilities and a sleek and sporty design. The 2023 Toyota bZ4X is a fully electric SUV with a whole lot of pizzazz and a ton of features. Check out everything it has to offer below. Dynamic... [read more]

Wow Your Guests With This Awesome Green Bean Casserole

Awesome Green Bean Casserole
The holidays are upon us, and everyone's planning their big meals. Besides turkey or ham, you need some yummy sides to complement the meal. One of the most popular side dishes people make is green bean casserole. And this year, you can wow your guests with this awesome green bean... [read more]

Create the Perfect DIY Fall Centerpiece

Table scape for Thanksgiving day dinner. Table decoration for festive autumn family party. Rustic style.
While the turkey is a big part of Thanksgiving dinner, you still need a gorgeous centerpiece for your table. Looking for inspiration? This list from has 45 centerpiece ideas that range from floral arrangements, strategically placed harvest veggies, and colorful candlelit creations. There is bound to be something on... [read more]

Your Fall Vehicle Maintenance To-Do List

Pouring synthetic motor oil in diesel engine.
While spring is typically reserved for cleaning, fall is the perfect time for doing some maintenance on your car. The days are cooler and the nights are longer, but fall is the best time before winter to get your car ready for the upcoming changes. If you have no idea... [read more]

Lesser Known Halloween Safety Tips

Kids in costumes eating Halloween candy
Before you dress your little one up as a goblin, ghost, or baby Yoda, take a look at these tips to keep them safe on Halloween. Stay Together Sticking together in a group is important for anyone headed out on Halloween. For children under the age of 12 that's doubly important. Younger... [read more]

The World’s Easiest Pumpkin Bread Recipe

slices of pumpkin bread
This recipe is easy. Really easy. In fact, we really don't need an entire blog post to give you the world's easiest pumpkin bread recipe. So we decided to delve into the debate on one optional ingredient: raisins. That's right, half a cup of raisins in this recipe is just... [read more]

Head Down To Georgetown For The Wooden Boat Show

wooden boat in the water on a warm, sunny day
Ahh yes. It's finally almost here. The annual Wooden Boat Show is October 14-16 in Georgetown. The only thing better is an auto show, but hey, we're a car dealership, so, you know. Wooden boats, however, speak to our appreciation of history. They're classic. They're beautiful. What's not to love? Wooden... [read more]

Watch Out For These Fall Driving Hazards

Photo of a young smiling woman driving a car. Her dog is sitting on a passenger seat
  Cruising down the roads of Myrtle Beach in the middle of the fall can be a lot of fun. As you sit behind the steering wheel, take care to drive safely during the season. AARP has taken the time to alert drivers of hazards that can affect you while on... [read more]